Wow, they are taking gamesmanship to a whole new level in tennis these days

I'm not sure I'm reading this correctly: did Roger Ebert give Eros zero stars or four stars?

Reading the review, it seems he at least liked the Wong Kar-Wai film of the trilogy, so zero stars is surprising. On the other hand, he called the Antonioni piece an embarrassment, so four stars doesn't make sense either.

ADDENDUM: Okay, the website has been updated to clear things up. Ebert gave a different rating to each of the three pieces of the trilogy. Wong Kar-Wai received four stars, Soderbergh three stars, and Antonioni just one. Their website just wasn't primed to handle movies receiving more than one rating, thus the confusion.

Mr. T says treat your mother right (Windows Media, via Stereogum)

Coincidence: I was grocery shopping in Chinatown just two days ago, and stopped for noodles at Marco Polo. Two days later? That same shop shows up in Aliens Loves Predator (a funny one, by the way)

BET developing their own Apprentice knockoff hosted by Damon Dash. Humiliating elimination ritual? Dash removes a special gold chain from the contestant's neck

I'm not making this up, though maybe someone else is. I hope it's true, though