Tough day for Illinois hoops

The Bulls lose Luol Deng for the season, Eddy Curry has been in the hopsital for a few games with irregular heartbeats, and the Illini lost a close one to North Carolina. Tough day for Chicago hoops fans, but the NCAA final was a good game, and the Illini can't complain about not having chances to win it. They had several open 3-pointers to tie or take the lead at the end of the game. They just didn't drop.

Sean May came as advertised. NC did a great job feeding him the ball, and no one on Illinois (Powell, Augustine, or Ingram) could stop him, even when they double-teamed him. The late Head turnover at 65-65, I believe, was a dagger, as was Felton's 3-pointer from deep, with Deron Williams and Dee Brown in his face. If it was any coach that could have beat Illinois, I'm glad it was Roy Williams. He seems like a decent guy.

That's about as good a game as you can see in the NCAA finals nowadays. College's best players either leave early or just skip past Go and it's $200 and head to the pros where $200 is how much they tip the locker room laundry man. Deron Williams, Sean May, Rashad McCants, and probably even Felton are juniors, but they won't be back next year.

But the turning of the calendar always brings new untold stories for sports fans to hang their hopes on. The Cubs are in first place today! Whoo-hoo! And a Pretty in Pink sequel is in the works! When life dumps coal in your socks, it also drops a sugar cube in your breakfast mug.