Capogiro riso gelato

A few years back, while visiting Florence, I tasted riso gelato (rice gelato), and ever since I've been an addict. But back here in the States, not too many gelateria's offer riso. Perhaps the production is too onerous. Perhaps the demand isn't there. It should be. Riso gelato, made right, is sweet, but not too sweet. The rice is soft but offers just enough resistance to the bite (firmer than tapioca, softer than a rice krispie treat).

Here in NYC, my gelato of choice is Capogiro which can be found at Garden of Eden. They also sell gelato online, though. Recently, I wrote in requesting riso gelato, and Stephanie, one of the gelato queens there, obliged. Friday's daily flavor list e-mail even called me out on it:

Buon Giorno!!

fior di latte

lemon yogurt

burnt sugar

bourbon butterscotch



riso milano (for eugene)


crimson grape

tarocco-siciliano orange

champagne mango

caped gooseberry

lime cilantro

granny smith apple with chervil



thai coconut milk


irish coffee


mexican chocolate


cioccolato scuro

nocciola piemontese

macadamia nut

toasted almond

pistacchio siciliano


If you enjoy gelato, a six pint order from Capogiro is an excellent investment. If you order six seasonal gelati and want riso included, make a request for it in the comments section. And tell them I sent you and Stephanie will choose some winners for you. She mentioned that this week she's going to whip up some violet and possibly nasturtium, and perhaps some crimson grapes, rambutans, and cherimoya (paired with lime and thai coconut milk). I don't know half of the ingredients she mentions to me, but they all sound amazing.