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Not Pron - The hardest riddle on the Internet

Learn about your computer along the way. Good fun.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Over 1,500 journals, with nearly 400 searchable at the article level. Not all are in English, and you always have to wonder about people who write for free journals. What's the business model? Oh wait, thousands of people write for free on the web all the time, like yours truly.

Yo La Tengo's WFMU setlist is awesome

YLT just took requests for covers and played an entire concert of them. Where's the torrent?!

Annotated slideshow of photos by Sebastião Salgado

"The Parachute Artist" - How Lonely Planet changed travel

From this week's Journeys issue of The New Yorker. One article in the issue mentioned a class of traveler called the "budget travel snob," which brought a smile to my face.

I sold a used copy of Salò on DVD on for $200

Apparently it's out of print, and the authentic Criterion 29-chapter version with the frosted ring at the center of the DVD is very rare. Criterion DVDs are the Ferraris of the DVD market; they retain their value, and in some fortuitous cases they shoot up in value when they go out of print. Salò is described as "perhaps the most disturbing and disgusting film ever made," a "loose adaptation of the Marquis de Sade's The 120 Days of Sodom."

The Narutrix

Audio from the Matrix movies, mixed with video from the anime series Naruto.

The Episode III l33t trailer

Video mash-ups/remixes are becoming commonplace. Every week brings a new one.

Google Satellite Maps has spawned a host of miles high voyeurs: interesting Google Satellite maps, Google sightseeing, baseball stadiums

With the U.S. dollar so weak, this is the state of American travel. Sad.

URLwell is a handy piece of Mac software for stashing URLs

Useful while surfing if you'd rather not maintain dozens of open tabs in your browser