Kelly Leak!

Richard Linklater is directing a remake of The Bad News Bears

Billy Bob Thornton will play the coach originated by Walter Matthau. I'm guessing BB will channel and fuse his work from Bad Santa and Friday Night Lights

MT-Keystrokes: an ingenious new method for battling Comment Spam in Movable Type 3

It counts the number of keystrokes in a comment (using javascript) to guess if a person or robot entered the comment

A peek, just a peek, of the new Star Wars trailer debuting with The O.C. next week (Quicktime)

Other required viewing prior to Episode III is The Clone Wars, which aired as twenty five-minute episodes on The Cartoon Network last year. It was excellent

Buffy Season 1 in One Minute (MP3)

The Neorest 600, the Ferrari of toilets

From a Wired magazine article. According to its manufacturer Toto, this is the toilet for Brad Pitt, J. Lo, Cameron Diaz, Charlie Sheen, and Will Smith. The $5,000 toilet has a 16-bit processor and 512 Kbytes of RAM. The seat can be raised by wireless remote (Howard Hughes would've dug that), assumes it can save water when the seat is up, is tankless, and transforms into a bidet when you're seated. Gentle aerated warm water spray, catalytic deodorizer, and hot air dryer. Not surprising that this product comes from Japan. When I visited Japan in 1990 with a youth orchestra, I encountered for the first time a toilet that had two levels of flushing, a lower one for, well, number one, and a higher one for more serious business. Americans have a cultural bias against bidets, and I've been guilty of that in the past when abroad, but at some point in life you realize it makes a lot of sense. Ok, that's enough on toilets

Maybe it's worth waiting for the next generation of iPods, rumoured by Engadget to have 3X the battery life

Harris Poll detects confusion over the meaning of left-wing and right-wing

I'm not sure this reflects ignorance of the people as much as it does the meaninglessness of these reductive labels (and the simplistic polls that attempt to define them)

The demographics of insurgency, ethnic conflict, terrorism, and state-sponsored violence are the same everywhere: young men, out of school and out of work

The article suggests that policymakers consider increasing funding for programs that help nations around the world to make the demographic transition from a population of short lives and large families to one with long lives and small families. A major comonent of that strategy is to promote girls' education and improve women's rights in the workplace. I'm curious to see a chart of all the world's nations and where they fall on this demographic continuum

"Warm Up" by The Firebirds (MP3)

Cool 60s funky bluesy cover of "Light My Fire"

Why Your Brain is Not a Camcorder

Just a summary of a study, but one conclusion interested me: the same processes that create false memories create true memories

The Circular Life

Cool Flash site that allows you to explore locales in Italy over a 24 hour period through pictures and sound. Stopping at different points along the circular wheel reminded me of how much the web under-utilizes sound to create environment (or misuses, in the case of those old MIDI ditties that would embarrass a surfer at work)

"Sussudio" by Ol' Dirty Bastard (cameos by Kelis and Li'l Kim) (MP3)

From a hip-hop tribute to Phil Collins from European label Urban Renewal. Shoot, I'm way too late to pay my respects to ODB, huh?

Movie posters, remixed