Loose change

Watchmen, the movie

Coming in 2006. No pictures, though, so all I can see in my mind's eye is David Gibbons' art

Stream the new Hot, Hot, Heat album

I couldn't get the stream to play on my Mac, though

7:35 in the Morning

"So, what the hell is making me smile at...seven thirty-five in the morning?" More than one twist in this Oscar-nominated short

New Atul Gawande article about how doctors make money in this week's New Yorker

Gawande finds no answers to the tangle that is health care economics in the U.S.: doctors feel overworked and underpaid, patients feel robbed, and both patient and doctors despise their health insurance companies. Interesting survey of the topic, especially an anecdote about a surgeon who decided to stop accepting health insurance and to charge what the market would bear

Fantastic Four trailer from ShoWest

The more footage that releases, the worse it looks

A new New Order album, Waiting for the Sirens' Call, arrives April 26

Stream the album here. I had no idea they were still together. The last time I saw them was at Moby's Area One concert at The Gorge. Bill and I ran up to the stage when they came on, but most of the young kids hung out way back on the lawn and smoked pot, wondering who the overweight middle-aged dudes were on stage. I felt old.

The 2005 Tavistock Cup ended in a tie

Tiger Woods played for the first time in this golf tournament between two crazy wealthy golf clubs in Orlando, FL: Lake Nona and Isleworth. It's a private tournament but features ridiculous golf talent

If the heart does quit, from this mortal coil you must flit...the Johnny Cochran obit

What a crazy career, from defending P. Diddy to OJ to the Seinfeld gang as Jackie Chiles

A different type of child photography

Photos layered over paintings