Fingertips posts a good list of free MP3s available on the web

More and more high quality (and legal) MP3s are being posted on the web by saavy musicians. Pointed out by any of numerous MP3 blogs, these free downloads have turned me on to many good bands I otherwise would never have heard of. It's a side story to the whole music piracy issue, but free MP3 downloads are a hugely effective marketing tool for many midlist bands who live towards the ends of the Long Tail, leading to revenue from CD sales, concert tickets, etc.

Tim Burton fonts

Study by economists Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner shows real estate agents sell their own homes for more profit than their clients' homes

One major problem is that the incentive system doesn't align with the seller and agent's interests; leaving your house on the market for longer in the hopes of snaring a higher bid isn't often worthwhile for an agent. Can't wait for Levitt and Dubner's new book Freakonomics

Human switcheroo (two 3MB Java Applets)

These videos from the University of Illinois Visual Cognition Lab depict a "human sleight of hand" that was detected by 50% or less of subjects

The largest purchaser of fresh apples of any restaurant or food service operation in the world is McDonalds

This doesn't include the lower grade apples used in their pies. They are the Wal-Mart of fast food in terms of purchasing power