Yar's Revenge

Chappelle's Show Season 3 held up by writer's block?

$50 million in the stomach can drain the blood from one's brain, or so I've heard. I wonder if, when Comedy Central execs call Dave and ask him when the first episode will be ready, he just screams into the phone, "I'm Rick James, b****!"

Alien Loves Predator

Humorous online comic strip about NYC life. The fact that the characters are all Aliens or Predators is not essential to the storyline

Lots of music videos, but it's the New Order vids that interest me

When I was in high school, tracking down rare New Order videos was an obsession. Nowadays, with the Internet, such things are trivial. Jonathan Demme-directed video for The Perfect Kiss is one of my favorite music videos of all time, though unfortunately it's only available in abbreviated form here. This page has some videos I haven't seen before

The Toyota Prius: Joannie and Mike became the first members of our family to join the hybrid revolution

Just carry the key up close to the car and it unlocks, and the ignition is push button so you never actually take the key out of your pocket or purse. Cool. I have to go to Chicago so I can drive their new baby around

MobilePC's top 100 gadgets of all time

Mattell Football II, the football game with the little dashes. Aww, yeah

Order pizza directly from within Everquest by typing /pizza

I can't decide if that's really clever or a sign of extreme sloth

Salon's Audiofile offers an MP3 download of Keren Ann's "Seventeen" from Not Going Anywhere

I really dig this album

Torrent of the advance of Spoon's new album Gimme Fiction

Brian Berg is building a replica of NYC using playing cards but no glue or tape

His effort will raise money for victims of the tsunami, which is great, but I still think he should've been a surgeon. He admits as much

The world's largest cat is a liger (half lion, half tiger) and weighs about 1 ton

Here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty, here...HOLY CRAP! AAAHH! GET IT OFF ME!!!