Michael Sokolove laments the state of the NBA and suggests two ways to improve its play: ban the dunk and get rid of the 3-pointer

Tom Yum Goong, the latest Tony Jaa martial arts flick

That trailer looks like vomit, but here's the executive summary: Jaa beats the snot out of people with his knees and elbows. That title is unfortunate, but Jaa is worth the price of admission. Those who live in a decent-sized city in the U.S. might be able to see the Jaa's breakthrough flick Ong Bak in theaters now (click through the menu to see RZA's endorsement)

The Global Consciousness Project

Can this random number generator somehow predict the future? If nothing else, interesting fodder for a movie

Thundercats: The Movie

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. I never really watched the cartoon growing up, so without a prompt, I would've identified this as the work of Andrew Lloyd Weber on a bad acid trip