Hollywood Poker

Even the movie stars have caught Texas Hold'em fever

The five most avid poker players in Hollywood are cited as Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, Mimi Rogers, James Woods and "Welcome Back, Kotter" star Gabe Kaplan

Amazon.com introduces Amazon Prime: for $79 a year, receive unlimited free two day shipping on 1 million in-stock items (presumably those shipping from Amazon's warehouses as opposed to its partners') and $3.99 overnight shipping

The perfect Valentine's Day gift: Pornogami

I'm inclined to think Blade Runner might have even more art cred today if the Edward James Olmos character had left 3-D paper penis's strewn about instead of paper cranes

New version of Skype for Mac OS X

SearchEngineWatch's list of the best online reference sites of 2004

An old link, but I'm always running behind: results of BBC news Sound of 2005 poll

Apparently, the band to watch in 2005 is The Bravery, followed by Bloc Party (sample MP3s here)

Keanu Reeves gets a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Didn't take long for Rudy T to tire of Kobe

Okay, that hasn't been confirmed, but I'd like to think that's the case. Grant me my schadenfreude

Wow, I don't remember seeing this painting in Super Size Me (it's titled "McNipple," so you've been warned)

Scientists measure how closely two words relate by counting hits when Googling the two of them together

This may be a stepping stone towards creating artificial intelligence since computers have a hard time gleaning the meaning of words