I haven't tested this, but it sounds cool. Upload an image of some text to identify the font.
Artists and poets do it better. Or at least more. Yes, confusions of causality and whatnot. I suspect actors like Colin Farrell and Waren Beatty were classified as artists, skewing the data set.
Some new Google Extensions for Firefox: Google Safe Browsing (phish repellent), and Blogger Web Comments.
Sneak listen to John Williams score for Munich. As a fan of the oboe, I fancy #8, "Avner and Daphna."
This American Life downloads via a Greasemonkey script.
The Chronic of Narnia Rap from SNL (takes a long time to load, but worth it, and the fact that you have to vouch for an SNL clip link is itself a comment on the sad state of affairs over there).