Oh, thank goodness, the Bears finally put Rex Grossman in at quarterback. Finally, a QB with some accuracy. Yes, Kyle Orton has been the QB as the Bears have put up a winning record, but that's mostly because of their defense, O-line, and RB's. It's amazing how much halo credit fans, broadcasters, and journalists have been willing to grant Orton even though he seems like he can't hit the broadside of a barn most days.
Orton may be a good NFL QB someday--he keeps his cool and avoids drastic mistakes most weeks--but the pro game is still a bit fast for him. He telegraphs his passes with his eyes, and he throws balls where no one, whether on offense or defense, can catch them (also, that beard is just wrong). It takes nearly every college QB at least a year to adjust to the speed and complexity of the pro game, and Orton is no exception. Orton's fortunate to have had lots of hands-on experience this year, but if Grossman is healthy he should be given the chance. He's had several years to study the pro game, even if a lot of it has been from the sidelines.
Grossman has been hurt for most of his time as a pro, and so people call him brittle as if he's Mr. Glass. His first injury was an ACL tear, which was a fluke, and his second was an ankle injury, which I never saw. Anyhow, having weak bones, as one journalist accused Grossman of, is an actual medical condition which can be tested for. Worse comes to worse, if Grossman goes down again, Orton gets back in with some game experience under his belt, and Orton supporters are happy.
With Grossman at QB, the Bears become an even more dangerous opponent, especially coming out of the weaker NFC. If the Bears can win out, they'll have a bye in the first round of the playoffs and a home game in round two. I don't think there's another team in the NFC that the Bears feel like they can't beat, including Seattle on the road.
Anyhow, I get ahead of myself, but it's just been so long since Chicago's had a team with the potential of going to the Superbowl that the whole city is giddy. Alan and I call each other after every big play, like Mike Green blowing up Michael Jenkins.
As an aside, there's no more beautiful sight to a Bears fan than the sight of the players' breath in the sub-zero Chicago air.