The Aristocrats, et al

The opening text crawl from Star Wars Episode III has been released on the

Ouch--apparently widescreen MGM DVDs sold b/t Dec 1, 1998 and Sept 8, 2003 were actually just pan-and-scan DVDs with the tops and bottoms cropped out. A class action lawsuit has been brought against MGM, and you have until March 31, 2005 to submit a claim form. If the suit is settled, you can either exchange each of the DVDs for $7.10 or a new, correctly framed copy

1 in 4 men suffers from trajectile dysfunction

Instant classic: Safin defeats seemingly unbeatable Federer in Aussie Open semis in 4 1/2 hours and five sets

Two of the players with the most game on the men's tour beat the crap out of each other for hours in the Aussie heat

Entourage filmed a scene for season two at Sundance at the Egyptian Theatre

I was there, saw the cameras out front, saw the Queens Boulevard poster outside the Egyptian Theatre entrance, and failed to connect the dots. I'm an idiot.

Black RAZR V3


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I had more fun in that screening at Sundance than any other

The boys of South Park tell the Aristocrats joke (Windows Media File--vulgar and not for the easily offended)

One of the movies screening at Sundance was The Aristocrats, a documentary in which Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) and Paul Provenza follow 100 comedians doing their version of the joke. I didn't see it, but after reading the synposis, I was certainly curious about what the joke was about. The joke seems to be like Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto for violinists, a rite of passage for comics to prove their mettle.

How to get reservations at French Laundry

Google and Yahoo are introducing television closed captioning search capability, and Amazon announces block viewing for its A9 Yellow Pages

Still, no search service is able to locate individual missing socks from my laundry, though

$13 Smirnoff beats out premium, higher-priced vodkas in NYTimes taste test

I can now cite this taste test when explaining why I bought Smirnoff instead of Grey Goose for the pre-party. Certainly sounds better than admitting I'm cheap.

For the first time ever, cancer has passed heart disease as the #1 killer of Americans under the age of 85