The Face Analyzer purports to determine your personal characteristics from your portrait

The description of the methodology leaves a whole lot to be desired, but it's worth a few chuckles around the water cooler on a slow day. The results seem erratic. they tagged Bill Gates as a 10.0 out of 10.0 for income but Paris Hilton at just a 3.9 for promiscuity. No, I did not upload my photo yet

An avalanche of new products from Apple announced at MacWorld

Too many cool things to list, and most of the coolest is on the software side, in my opinion. Includes HD support across the iLife and Final Cut Express apps. Multi-way video and audio iChat. Being a Mac user is a hell of a lot more fun than being a Windows user. Microsoft has a ton of great ideas and smart technologists, but their product life cycles are much too long (their margin of error is provided by their massive installed base). Meanwhile, Apple seems to issue new hardware every 4 months, productivity app upgrades every half year, and operating system upgrades every year (take the Tiger tour; how many big cats are left?)

iCal calendars to subscribe to (e.g. U.S. holidays, sports schedules, movie openings)

Now that I don't have a Windows computer anymore, I use iCal to manage my schedule and to-do list. Now that Macs are available for $499, maybe some more of you will switch over as well and find these of use

Ciphire Mail is a free e-mail encryption client

Yo, folks I e-mail regularly: let me know if you download this, too, so our trivial e-mail conversations will be secured from the eyes of the prying world

The USPS Cycling team is now Team Discovery Channel

Strange to see Lance in the new uniform. He still hasn't decided if he's going to ride the Tour de France this year. Nervous TDF bike tour operators wait in suspense.

Six Apart's comprehensive guide to stopping comment spam

Since I get hit with this crap almost daily, I plan to implement these steps in the next week or so

The website of the girl from Fox's reality TV show "Who's Your Daddy"

Included is a letter clarifying some issues surrounding the show. I never watched it, but that didn't hinder my enjoyment of the letter. Supposedly the show was originally titled Reunited, or so she was told.

Robot makers are confident they can win the World Cup by 2050

An Acehnese man swept out to sea by the tsunami survives for two weeks

He ate coconuts for 12 days, clung to a log, climbed in a damaged wooden boat, and finally cobbled together a raft from floating debris. In the wake of all the tragedy, good to read a story of survival. A real life Cast Away. He's the third Indonesian rescued from open sea since the tsunami. The others include a pregnant woman who clung to a palm tree for five days and man who spent eight days aboard an uprooted tree.

Search for illicit weapons in Iraq ends

Just for the record, they didn't have any when we sent in the troops

Malcolm Gladwell and James Surowiecki, two New Yorker giants, discuss their books Blink and The Wisdom of Crowds at Slate

I read the latter and enjoyed it, and am awaiting my Amazon shipment of the former

Stephanie Zacharek, David Edelstein, A.O. Scott, Charles Taylor, and Armond White discuss the year in movies at Slate

Bare Bones Software makes its text editor TextWrangler 2.0 free

Good for them, and good for us

Mr. Blackwell issues his annual worst dressed list

Nicollette Sheridan is the worst of the worst, joined by Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Courtney Love, Serena Williams, Britney Spears, Paula Abdul, Meryl Streep, Anna Nicole Smith, and the Simpson sisters. Best dressed include Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Barbara Walters, Kate Winslet, Annette Bening, Oprah Winfrey, Scarlett Johansson, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Garner, and Teri Hatcher

SmartDeck, a new intelligent cassette adapter for the iPod

Allows you to use your cassette player buttons in your car to control your iPod. Simple, and brilliant

For you lazy people: gargling with Listerine is not as good as flossing

But by all means, keep gargling. Halitosis stinks

So does B.O., so wear Federline, the new scent by Britney Spears