In other news... - a limited edition flavor of Slashdot available through the 2004 election.
Roger Ebert's very own website, a work in progress, using most of the same material as his current Suntimes site.
Why are foreign language movie subtitles so bad? Is it similar to the reason television subtitles are so bad: the method of transcription? I always wondered how those court reporters typed so quickly. You'd think movie subtitlers would just work off of the shooting script, but perhaps not. All I know is that I rented the American release of Shaolin Soccer to show Eric, and we nearly wet ourselves at some of the English subtitles. They added a further level of absurdity to an already absurd comedy.
Good TMN interview with Alex Ross about the state of classical music. True, the future of classical music seems dire, but then again, every baby I know is transfixed by Baby Mozart. Alex Ross, the music critic for The New Yorker, also has his own weblog titled The Rest Is Noise.
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