After reading a recent Malcolm Gladwell article about personality tests, and after Howie randomly mentioned his Myers Briggs personality type, I stopped in an Apple Store (the world's most glamorous Internet cafe) in SOHO to take an online Myers Briggs test. The test claimed I was an ENTJ, thoughly only mildly T.
The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker - All 68,647 of them across 2 CD-ROMs, with 2004 of them excerpted into book form. Ooh la la.
CRAZIEST laid across two triple word scores, with Z on the double letter score, leads to 311 points, the highest possible National Scrabble Association-approved scoring move.
This guy has slept with over 1000 prostitutes and defends his lifestyle. No, it's not Charlie Sheen.
Sims 2 is built on emergent behavior. So, so cool.
Bone. Bone. Both cool. The FingerWhisper looks interesting, but you'll look like you're picking your ear all the time. Try the Jawbone demo for a taste of its military-grade technology.