Wong Kar-Wai collection on DVD

Kino is releasing a Wong Kar-Wai 5 movie boxset. Though all these movies have been available on DVD already in one form or another, this box set features remastered versions of Fallen Angels and Happy Together. The other movies included are Chungking Express (on loan from Buena Vista), Days of Being Wild, and As Tears Go By. Good stuff.
On a lighter note, Will Ferrell earned a second volume in the SNL DVD series: Saturday Night Live - The Best of Will Ferrell - Volume 2. James bought it, of course, and we watched the whole thing after the season finale of Entourage on Sunday. If you combined the first and second volumes of The Best of Will Ferrell, you'd have one solid DVD. The second volume includes the bad doctor ("I'm sorry, your son is a witch"), Wake Up, Good Morning, and the abusive boss sketch with Pierce Brosnan, but it also includes a bunch of duds. Divided, the two volumes are rentals best used as chasers after a night of drinking.