Give me your tired, your poor, your shower curtains

One of the joys of returning to the States is the uniquity of shower curtains here. For some reason, many bathrooms in France and England do not have shower curtains. Many now have a half pane swinging glass door that conceals have the shower inadequately at best. But some, for example the one at my hotel in Paris, have no shower curtain at all.
This leads to some unusual contortions and gymnastics in the shower. I've never tried yoga, but I'm fairly certain I mastered a few of the advanced yoga positions while trying to keep my bathroom dry. All to no avail. I had to spend a euro to summon housekeeping to fetch me from the shower in a boat to convey me across the moat that had sprouted in the bathroom during my shower.
Why don't many European bathrooms have curtains? Is it because they only take baths? Seriously, does someone know? I'm dying to know.