Line of blue

I love watching the team trial. The formation of riders, rotating in a long loop while flying over the road, is hypnotic. Teams couldn't hold pristine pace lines today because of the weather and rough roads, but despite the conditions, US Postal rode the third fastest TTT ever in average speed to capture the stage. If the roads had been dry and the skies clear, I'm certain they would have set the record.
Lance rode a 56 tooth chainring in front while the other Posties rode 55's. My quads cramp just seeing the number 56. US Postal rode a single pace line, while some teams opted for a double. Lance claimed that riding a double paceline would be a tactical error, and perhaps he was right. US Postal finished strong while other teams faded towards the finish. The blue train looked to hold the cleanest lines throughout the course while other teams' formations were scattered and messy.
What if Phonak hadn't waited for Gonzalez? We'll never know, I guess. Anyhow, the name of the game is just to stay upright and close until the mountain stages create true selection. It would be great to see George Hincapie pick up yellow, if possible, though it would be extremely difficult to hand it back.
It's my sole daily respite now, watching the Tour in the morning and eating brunch. Then it's off to pack for the move.