Breakfast in the bean bag

[Sigh] I think I think I'm in love...

After finally conking out at 4am last night, getting up at 6 to watch the Wimbledom ladies final was ugly. But damn if Sharapova's attacking game wasn't a 6 foot 1 glass of espresso. She was fearless and plays like Natalie Coughlin swims (great bio on Coughlin in this week's New Yorker), that is, all out aggression from the opening bell. I've never seen anyone take it to Serena Williams like Sharapova did today, it was just awesome.
Then a small group gathered to watch the Tour Prologue Time Trial. Lance looked superb, putting some early time into Hamilton, Ullrich, and Mayo, but the day belonged to Fabian Cancellara. He averaged 33.3mph around the 3.8 mile course (try going out and doing that around your neighborhood, that's obscene).