Bill and Lynn

Bill and Lynn were married two weekends ago at Sleeping Lady just outside Leavenworth, the faux Bavarian town in eastern Washington. Great weather, and a Bill-Lynn brandworthy locale. I wish I had time to post photos from the weekend, but packing has consumed me, and now I've run out of time. My photos are on a portable hard drive, in a storage bin somewhere.
But I do have a Quicktime movie of the slideshow (22MB--it's fat) that played at the wedding. Pic selection by Bill Carr, photos snapped by Misc, music selection by Bill Carr, music editing by Pete Hilgendorf, and assembly by yours truly. iPhoto doesn't have a feature whereby you can specify that you want a song to start on slide X and end with slide Y, with a cross-fade into the next song with the next slide. Some of the photos were older prints scanned on a flatbed and didn't look so hot rendered by iDVD, so the whole music/slideshow meld was much more painful than it needed to be. The result turned out fine, though (of course, some of Bill's pants selections from his youth might look better blurred).
Bill and Lynn are kind and decent folk, and I miss'em already. All congrats to the Outdoor Life Network couple, scuba diving like a pair of Cousteaus in Fiji.