Spartan indeed

The synopsis on the back sleeve of a bootleg DVD of Spartan, one which an unnamed friend of mine brought back for me from China:
Lsection tghe is a secret work, in the troops mileage undergo military servicing of year robust artistic skill is with the fortitude and resilience's personalityBecome the secret the work empress outstanding prove tghe score, and make him enjoy the colleague with the speak well ofing of superior section th accepted a new mission recently, with the workPreisdent daughter(1)that new hand the (virtuous gram) look for the disappearance together to pull the Newton.(gram is in theshell)Because of the matter passImportant, the president also send outed the own adviser(love virtuous ) helped to solve, like this, an is from tghe F.B.I.(FBI) with centralThe intelligence bureau( CIA) unites to constitute of solved the group to establish.At the same time, this rise the president daughter the disappearance the case, and quickly encountered to growed after launching to investigateGrow the , and become the complicacy to rise. a politician who maniuplate the government, he is apprently disappearance towards pull know aller than owner many ***s of ***
Every episode ever of Friends (a 60 DVD box set!)? Shrek 2? Day After Tomorrow? All available, though it's a roll of the dice whether you'll get a DVD or negative copy, camcorder footage from a movie theater, or some random cantopop karaoke video.