Well, at least those bastards have to work weekends

Is spam cheaper to send on weekends? I'm swamped with it Saturdays and Sundays.
I've also started receiving text message spam on my cell phone. They include return e-mail addresses that look real, but I suspect those e-mail addresses have been hijacked.
I've never given out my cell phone number on any websites or order forms. The problem is that cell phone numbers can be easily reverse engineered. They're assigned in blocks of 10,000, and the area code and exchange, or the (###) ### portion of (###) ###-####, are the same for all those numbers. Get one numbers and you can easily guess others, and most cell phone carriers also offer a way to e-mail any phone number in their network. This allows spammers to easily mass-mail lots of actual cell phone numbers with high efficiency.
A telemarketing phone call steals a few seconds of my life. Text message spam can actually take money out of my pocket directly, though fortunately my cell phone plan doesn't charge for incoming text messages. Still, this is pure evil and must stop. Usually I wouldn't offer up legislation as a solution, but that telemarketing act sure seems to have worked. I haven't received a telemarketing phone call in ages.