Taiwan glamor shots

The popular thing to do when traveling back to Taiwan? Pose for glamor shots. Apparently they're inexpensive back there, and it sure beats sitting in front of a pulldown autumn leaf background at Sears while wearing a cowboy outfit. My sisters both have a Taiwan glamor shot portfolio, and now Alan and Sharon and Ryan have them, too. They're the type of photos you claim to be embarrassed of but secretly love, and you bring them out at every occasion. I'm feeling left out. Why wasn't I informed of this while I was back in Taiwan?
We heard about them during James and Angela's wedding, and Alan even did this pose for us, but it was only after we all finally received the photo that we understood the true awesomeness of his work. I'm not even sure I'm allowed to post this, but I can't resist.

I'm going to hold a contest among my family to caption this. There are more where this came from, but I'm not sure the world is ready for them.