Flying Wheels, sort of

I rode the Flying Wheels century today. It was a bit of a last minute decision, but I needed the mileage. I hadn't ridden anything close to a century this season, and organized rides are so much more fun than solo training rides.
I ended up alone for much of the ride anyway. I was searching for a pace line that would average about 24-27 mph in the flats, 12-15 mph uphill, and for some reason I couldn't fine one. There weren't many pace lines at all, and the ones I did find were either too fast or too slow.
By mile 75 my legs were wobbling. A few years back, I rode this with Bill as training for the 1-day STP, and I felt so strong at the finish I raced the last 20 miles in. Today I was just happy to finish.
At least the weather was gorgeous, and I have that pleasant soreness in my legs now.