Review: Dodgeball

After seeing the awful trailer for Dodgeball, I had low expectations. They were met--in fact, the movie did the limbo and shimmied below my expectations. How could so many professional movie critics praise this? The movie tries so hard to be funny (at least to a twelve year old) that it creates its own idiotic characters and situations to lampoon. That's harmless enough, but the movie also contains a few mean-spirited, mildly offensive homophobic and racial jests; they're like flies on the dog dropping.
The lone redeeming moment in the movie comes when a sports star I'm a huge huge fan of shows up unexpectedly for a short cameo. He almost lends enough class to the entire enterprise to validate it, but by movie's end I was hoping the he had washed his hands on the way out.
BTW: adults playing dodgeball? Not cool. Not funny.