Dial 4811

The 4811, the $15 starter thong of choice. Ah, the miracle that is the thong, occupying that fine line between G-string and panty.
StubHub, an alternative to eBay for swapping tickets to shows, sporting events, etc. Somewhere along the line, though, Ticketmaster will rob someone.
Butch Harmon, Tiger Woods' ex-coach, supposedly told Sky Sports: "Tiger Woods is not playing well, he is not working on the right things in his golf swing although obviously Tiger thinks he is. He should have felt 'I could win this tournament by six, seven, eight shots.' That was the old Tiger Woods. But for him to stand there at every one of his interviews and say 'I am close, I feel really good about what I am doing', I think it might be a bit of denial." Ouch. I was hoping they'd reunite, but knowing Tiger, statements like that make that a long shot.