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Mozilla Firefox 0.9 - my current browser of choice gets an upgrade.
BugMeNot - bypass compulsory online newspaper registrations.
New iPod adapter for BMWs? Reminds me of this Tiger Woods joke.
What your favorite book or movie says about you.
Bill James on the best fastballs in baseball history. His current top five: Billy Wagner, Armando Benitez, Bartolo Colon, Kerry Wood, and Randy Johnson. It all seems fairly subjective to me.
Men are better off single (well, at least financially)
Could stretching be bad for you? - Please, let it be true. I hate stretching.
China is selling cheap knockoffs of foreign cars - instead of a Chevy Spark, they offer the Chery QQ for $1,500 cheaper. Instead of BMW, they offer BYD, whose logo seems like a simple pixel rearrangement of the BMW logo (see below). This reminds of clothing knockoffs you can purchase in China. Instead of Polo, the brand will be Bolo or something like that, with a logo of a guy on a horse, sans polo stick. Buy a red shirt, and after one wash, it's pink. Lovely.

In Philip Roth's next novel The Plot Against America, closet fascist Charles Lindbergh defeats FDR in the 1940 election and proceeds to make a pact with Hitler.
Both Bone and Cerebus are coming to an end, Cerebus after 27(!!) years and 300 issues and Bone after 55 issues over some 13 years.