K Rod: #$@&!

I finally caught some highlights of Francisco Rodriguez's pitching this year. The clips were from a game he closed out against the White Sox.
Ridiculous. He may have the filthiest stuff in baseball. K Rod's slider seems to break a foot down and a foot and a half sideways while coming in at 90mph. He simply overpowered Thomas, Valentin, and Konerko. The ball moves so much it appears he's throwing a whiffle ball. His slider reminds me of Kerry Wood's unhittable slurve, the one he threw his rookie season and used to get most of the 20 strikeouts in his 20 K game against the Astros. It's also the pitch that put so much stress on Wood's elbow he had to have Tommy John surgery at season's end.
NOTE: I had F Rod instead of K Rod in here before. Robert corrected me. I really am ignorant when it comes to the American League. This is why I need to manage an American League fantasy team.