What the surf brought in

Curvy rap video babes gain a following - Melyssa, Gloria, and Ki Toy
Jessica Simpson's new line of erotic and edible beauty products, as reported in the NYTimes - but no tuna flavored body cream. Oh, the mock customer reviews are a'comin. Take some strawberries, top them with a bit of this whipped body cream, and finish with a few spritzes of this hair and body mist for a refreshing summer treat.
No one rouses the rabble like Michael Moore - he's even better at that nowadays than he is at making documentaries.
Another victim of the low-carb craze: Krispy Kreme lowers earnings expectations for the year and its stock gets hammered - the only thing Krispy Kreme is helping people to slim down these days is their stock portfolios.
Smart people vote Democrat - hmmm, is this good or bad news for the Democrats? UPDATE: Hold that thought.
BMW owners have the most sex, Porsche owners the least - maybe b/c there's no backseat in a Porsche? Wow, the BMW motto, "sheer driving pleasure," takes on a whole new meaning.