Review: Bubba Ho-tepThank ya, thank ya very much

Bubba Ho-Tep is about a man in a nursing home who believes he's Elvis, battling a reincarnated Egyptian mummy who is sucking the life out of the King's fellow geriatrics. The Elvis impersonator (Or is he really The King? The movie lays out an amusing backstory) is played by Bruce Campbell, and his sidekick is another nursing home resident who believes he's JFK (Ossie Davis), dyed black and missing part of his brain that the government replaced with sand. It sounded like a movie that aspired from the start towards cult status, and that worried me. Cult movies shouldn't start life aspiring towards cult status.
But Don Coscarelli's adaptation of a Joe Lansdale short story is disarmingly amusing, with just enough funny lines of dialogue (delivered by Bruce Campbell with sincere Elvis feeling) and low-budget charm to overcome the occasional comic overreach. Its culinary analogue is the local taco stand: unpretentious but uninspiring, probably not all that good for you, spare in decor, but damn tasty while in the mouth.