Exciting if sloppy game between the T-Wolves and Kings today, and despite blowing a 14-point lead with only four minutes to play, the Wolves pulled out the win at Arco Arena for a 2-1 series lead.
Of all the teams remaining in the NBA playoffs, my sympathies lie with the T-Wolves, primarily because of KG. He's a Chicago boy, and I saw him play once when he was still at Farragut Academy H.S. It was an early round game in the state playoffs, and Garnett was a man among boys, despite only being a boy himself. I was home with a broken leg after graduating college, and here was this kid who was about my age, nearly 7 feet tall, running the court like a guard on skates. He had 32 points, 13 boards, 5 blocks: it was awe-inspiring. How Farragut lost in the quarterfinals in their next game I'll never know because Garnett had Mr. Hop Ronnie Fields as a teammate as well. I believe Fields once pulled a Vince Carter and leapt over an opposing player for a dunk in a high school game.
The Wolves also have Stanford alum Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen whom I've met once before a Stanford hoops game. One of the nicer athletes I've ever met, and like KG, a hustler, though KG has about ten times the skill level.
KG had never even won an NBA playoff series until last year, so I'm rooting for him to go all the way. The Wolves will be underdogs in every series in the West, but that should reduce the external pressures.