We cool? Yeah, we cool

I finally ticked last week's episode of The Apprentice off of the Tivo List. I thought the way Troy and Kwame handled the Boardroom confrontation, even if it contained a few too many fist slaps and hugs, was pretty damn cool. They were buds, but that didn't stop them from expressing in a straightforward manner their honest opinion of each other's strengths and weaknesses. I've been in the business world nearly a decade and it's rare to find managers who can do that in the real world! I agreed with what both of them said, too: Kwame said Troy wouldn't be great as a CFO but would do well in sales, and Troy said Kwame hadn't stepped up to lead enough. Compare that with Katrina and Ereka covering for each other in the Boardroom. [Random sidenote: I was in Miami for James's bachelor party this weekend, and a party at one of the clubs in South Beach was hosted by none other than "Katrina and Ereka, The Apprentice Girls!!!" Fourteen minutes and counting, you two. We passed.]
They didn't let Trump or any of his minions turn them against each other (Trump goaded Kwame, "Your buddy screwed you" and Kwame replied without hesitation: "Not at all."), and when all was said and done, they shook hands and wished each other luck. They handled it with a maturity that none of the other contestants have exercised in the boardroom (no more capitalizing "boardroom." I mean, really, it's the cheesiest looking boardroom set ever), especially the fireballs like Omarosa, Jessie, and Ereka. My favorite exchange was their last before their boardroom showdown:
Troy: "I'm gonna cut you quick and fast."
Kwame: "That's it, that's it."
I thought Troy should've stayed, but really, after the classy way they dealt with a really difficult situation, I would've been sad to see either of them go. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. This was genuine nobility in the treacherous world of reality television, like two gunfighters in a John Woo movie, evacuating innocent bystanders and then sliding guns over to each other to initiate a fair showdown.
The Idaho Dynamo is going to be okay.
Lest we think too much class had entered the show, however, tomorrow's episode features the return of Omarosa. Sweet.