Can $2.04 buy me a search box?

Netflix waited until late in the afternoon on a Friday to notify me of an impending price hike from $19.95 per month to $21.99 per month. This is like having your girlfriend inform you while on the doorstep of her parents' house that her father is Robert De Niro, but not the grim father De Niro from Meet the Parents but the psychopath from Cape Fear. Still, perhaps an extra $2.04 per month isn't enough to drive me off.
But heavens to Betsy, will someone at Netflix with an iota of sense please put a friggin' search box on the Queue page? It drives me nuts that we still have to put up with such blatant interface flaws so many years down the road. The entire Netflix website could be simply a queue page with a search box and that would be fine with me; the rest of the site means nothing. All Netflix should worry about is adding more titles, building more distribution centers, and lowering prices. If they offered a discount for doing so, I'd use a command-line interface to access Netflix's distribution centers.