A close call for the top seed

Amy nearly got knocked out of the Apprentice tourney last night. She suffered her first loss and failed to impress with a terrible promotion idea. $300 car rental giveaway? Even non high-rollers would fail to find that enticing in a casino where million dollar slot machine jackpots are advertised everywhere in lights.
Also, and this may be sneaky editing on the part of the show, but it sure seemed as if Amy lied in the boardroom when she said that she didn't recall who came up with that idea. The earlier scene at the car dealership seemed to indicate that it was Amy's idea.
Katrina exited, as expected, though with less snarling than I'd anticipated. I thought she'd tear into Amy but the two of them were fairly diplomatic in the Boardroom, which is unfortunate for the show's drama quotient. So all the top seeds advanced to the Final Five.
I have to rejigger the seeds after seeing a more aggressive, competitive, and feisty Bill this week. Amy named him as her top competitor (ooh, take a cold shower Nick), and the show implied that he came up with the winning strategy of targeting the high rollers, displaying some of his gambling saavy relative to Idaho Troy and his sidekick HBS BS'er and Manhattan Wall Street legend Kwame Jackson:
1. Amy: tough round for the top seed. Not picked during team re-balancing, culpable for a terrible promotion idea, and duplicitous in the boardroom. Still in the Don's favor, though. It would be shocking if she didn't survive to the final round showdown.
2. Bill: Stepping up. Perhaps he's simply been playing coy all this time. He called out Troy for a showdown at high noon (during a private interview on camera, but at least it's out there now) and chased off the other team's models from the VIP check-in area. Were those celebratory cigars from that start-up of his? He's impressed me as the smartest of all the candidates thus far.
3. Troy: the country bumpkin is a fish out of water when not doing sales. He's not really president material.
4. Nick: minimal screen-time this week, except while trying to pull off the biggest sales job of his career: hawking himself to Amy. His facial expression when Amy named Bill as her toughest competitor was fantastic.
5. Kwame: skipped out on work to visit the circus with Troy, and still spends most of his time high-fiving with his Idaho homeboy who he refers to as T-Roy.