Confusing naming conventions

The NCAA regions this year are named St. Louis, Phoenix, East Rutherford, and Atlanta. It's one level of precision too many; the old naming convention of East, South, West, and Midwest worked fine. Where is East Rutherford, anyway?
It reminds me of the naming convention at the Pacific Place parking garage in downtown Seattle, perhaps the best value of any parking garage in a major city in the U.S. To help shoppers remember what floor they parked on, the garage labels its floors (from top to bottom) Seattle, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, and San Francisco, and each floor is also color coded. The city names and colors are lousy mnemonics, though, because they have no discernible relation to the floor number (Or maybe they do? Pray do tell if you know something I don't). They're simply two arbitrary keys. I often see dazed shoppers wandering up and down the aisles, searching in vain for their automobile.