MI-5, FKA Spooks

Finding a new TV show to love on DVD is a unique and joyous event. It means hours and hours of fun over many consecutive nights. For me, the current TV-DVD apple of my Trinitron eye is MI-5, formerly titled Spooks. It's one of those happy instances of the British sending over a superior TV series to the States via BBC (The Office being another sterling example).
Seasons one and two aired here on A&E as one combined season, but by the time I was hooked by the DVDs for the six episodes of season one, A&E had stopped broadcasting the show. My Tivo managed to snare just one measly episode. Waiting for the latest episodes to appear on DVD or TV is agonizing. If someone out there has season two (the original season two) on DVD, well please just send them over and let me know what my firstborn child's name will be.