Yankees chasing Maddux, also?

Say it ain't so. The Onion article titled "Yankees Ensure 2003 Pennant By Signing Every Player in Baseball" is just one year off. Note this quote from the article:
Some 10 hours later, the final opposing player, Texas Rangers shortstop Alex Rodriguez, had been acquired by the Yankees, who bought out the remainder of his $252 million contract for $300 million.

I'm not sure what to call it when even the satire of the Onion fails to go far enough. The Yankees are that ridiculous.
Losing Maddux to the Yankees would be like a bad nightmare for Cubs fans still trying to forget about losing him the first time, to the Braves. He only went on to win the next 3 NL Cy Young Awards.
Maddux came out of the Cubs farm system. He deserves to win his 300th in Cubbies blue.