Yawr fi-yod

I only seem to have the attention span for watching a reality TV show in its first season, when the contestants have no history to work off of and the rules of the game are still fuzzy. The first season is when the show is still fresh and pure, when the contestants aren't sure how to game everything. This TV season, that show for me is The Apprentice.
The show has the essential quality of the best reality television, and that is that the characters truly believe they're amazing even though many of them are actually ridiculous. You'd think that would describe Trump as well, but he comes off quite well in the show. I quite enjoy his boardroom firings, especially his explanations for why he's picking each week's victim. Chalk up another self-promotion coup for Trump, who manages, with just a few minutes on-screen each week, to be the star of a show ostensibly focused on the contestant vying to prostrate themselves before the Donald.
Isn't applying for one of these shows a post-modern rite of passage? Maybe I will apply for Season 2.