Can't link directly to it, so I'll just copy and paste from IMDb News: Golden Globe-winning comic Ricky Gervais has fulfilled his lifetime's ambition - he is writing an episode of The Simpsons. The British Office star will also voice a character in the popular animation show, which will be made next year, although he is keeping the episode's plot a secret.

Josh Greenman proposes new punctuation: the sarcasm point

It looks like ¡

Mash-ups of the Beastie Boys and the Beatles: The Beastles

Sin City trailer

Robert Rodriguez has managed to remain faithful to the look of the comic book, and, umm, Jessica Alba, umm, yeah

The New World trailer

Hey, another Terence Malick-directed movie. The opening music and video had me wondering if I was watching The Thin Red Line again

Why does all the cool stuff come out in Asia first?

betterPropaganda's staff picks for top downloads of the year

Good site for legal MP3 downloads

Brian Whitman of MIT's Media Lab fed Christmas classics into his program Eigenradio, which extracts the most important frequencies and beats from music, to create the conceptual album A Singular Christmas