Free U2 Concert in Fulton Ferry State Park

Yesterday, U2 played a free concert in Brooklyn as to capture some video footage for their new album. I had heard about this rumored gig in the middle of the night through Gothamist, and when I woke in the morning, I just had to take a break from my grad school apps. So I hopped the subway and took a field trip out to Fulton Ferry
State Park, just north of the Brooklyn Bridge.
With the Internet and cell phones, rumors spread quickly. Thousands of people were already there when I arrived. Half the people had printouts of tickets, perhaps from I stood in line with the general admission masses for about an hour and a half under overcast skies, reading a magazine.

U2 had been traveling through Manhattan on the back of a flatbed truck, playing songs along the way, and that same flatbed brought them across the Manhattan Bridge.

The crowd went crazy, and U2 waved and played Vertigo.

It was a long time before I made it through the gates into the park, and another hour, at least, before U2 actually made it to the park and onto the stage.
The track list:
All Because of You
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
City of Blinding Lights
Original of the Species
She's A Mystery To Me
Beautiful Day
I Will Follow
Out of Control
Whenever Bono would announce the title of the next song they were going to play, the crowd would cheer.
"Hey, how do you all know this shit?" Bono asked. One particular fan screamed in response. Bono added, "Hey Edge, I think I know who got hold of that CD."
They finished playing in the dark, the city skyline behind them.

I didn't now many of the songs because so many were off of their new album, but with the exception of Vertigo, many of their new tracks were more solemn, wistful. I'm not a die hard U2 fan like many people I know, but I've always admired the near secular spirituality they bring to every song. There's no denying their status as rock icons, and a free concert? Anything free in NYC is a blessing.
The Complete U2 is available at the iTunes Music Store, and it may take you a lifetime to work through it.