I dabbled with Google Scholar

I dabbled with Google Scholar this morning and snagged a few interesting PDFs, though I couldn't find any more Steven Levitt papers than I have by just using Google itself. In this area, the selection isn't overwhelming yet, but it's useful for those times when you want to get academic.
Speaking of Steven Levitt, he has a new book being published in the spring: Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything. I suspect his publisher added "rogue economist" to the title.
Running long distances set humans apart from primates
And there was the gluteus maximus, the muscle of the buttocks. Earlier human ancestors, like chimpanzees today, had pelvises that could support only a modest gluteus maximus, nothing like the strong buttocks of Homo.
"Have you ever looked at an ape?" Dr. Bramble said. "They have no buns."
Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the marathon makes the man.
ABC aired Saving Private Ryan on Veteran's Day in 2001 and 2002 with no incident. In 2004, though, over 60 ABC affiliates chickened out and aired programs like Hoosiers instead. Why? Fear of the F.C.C. Of course, it will surprise no one that I find this ridiculous, but I'm also shocked that people still watch movies on CBS, NBC, or ABC. I haven't done that since...I can't even remember anymore.