Colin Powell resigns

Colin Powell resigns as Secretary of State
I met him briefly in New York City a long time ago, after the first invasion of Iraq. He was a hero back then, immensely popular, and people were just beginning to hope he'd run for office. What a long, strange road he's walked since then.
Jonathan Franzen wets his pants over Alice Munro
I understand, though. In fiction writing in school, every other story we studied was by Munro. She is one of the masters of the short story.
Salon publishes Cory Doctorow's short story "Anda's Game"
A wink to Orson Scott Card's immensely popular novel Ender's Game, which has over 2000 customer reviews at
Lots of Gladwell articles in The New Yorker recently. New one this week, in fact. Always a good thing.
Yevgeny Kafelnikov quits pro tennis to become a poker pro
Kobayashi eats 69 hamburgers in 8 minutes to win eating contest
Since he's already the reigning hot dog eating champion, perhaps this qualifies him as a two sport star.