A thousand empty paper cups

I've been reading the 9/11 Commission Report, and the 9/11 timeline at Center for Cooperative Research has been a useful copmarison. More and more, I doubt the former and trust the latter. Paul Thompson is also planning to publish his terror timeline in book form.
A treasure trove of SNL transcripts
It was a great year for humor books
Halo 2 sells $125 million in its first 24 hours
The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches (sent from James)
Trailer for the remake of the Japanese suspense flick Dark Water
The remake is directed by Walter Salles. I saw this with Bean at the Seattle Int'l Film Fest a few years back and enjoyed it. Unlike Ju-On, the creepiness of the original didn't derive just from camera tricks and audio. At its root the mother in the story is haunted by her own feelings of maternal abandonment, and that overpowering sorrow pervades the movie. I'm not high on these remakes of Japanese horror movies, though. I love Jennifer Connelly, once a dormmate of mine, but having highly recognizable Hollywood stars instead of relatively unknown Japanese actors in these roles reduces the sense of everyday horror by a crippling amount.
Interesting quiz on population and health and economy - I only scored 60%. This quiz, on agriculture and food, was even tougher. I only scored 50%.
Amazon follows in BMW's footsteps with a series of short filmercials.
Informative graphics illustrating the ebb and flow of the electoral vote from 1940 through 2000.
The trailer for the videogame based on Star Wars III: ROTS gives away more about the action scenes in the movie than the trailer for the movie itself.
Now that the nearest snowcapped mountain is further away for me, maybe I need to turn to alternatives to snowboarding, like Freebording. Seems like it would be a lot more fun in San Francisco, where there are hills, than New York, where you're likely to end up as a multi-colored advertisement on the side of a cab. Looks like fun, regardless. Clever design.
David Foster Wallace reviews the new Borges biography for the NYTimes, using 7 footnotes in the process.
Ramen restaurants in NYC
Mmmmmm, just in time for the winter cold snap.