Ryan's first Halloween

Sunday, the weather was gorgeous. I needed the surprising dose of sunshine, and fortunately my schedule contained a morning outing in Central Park with Sharon and my little nephew Ryan. With the marathon coming up this Sunday, deadlines for grad school applications hanging over my head, and the election tomorrow, I haven't been sleeping that well. The sunshine, family, and autumn-hued mosaic that was Central Park was a refreshing break.
I asked Ryan for a GQ pose, and he turned to the side, took a knee, and flashed the "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time" look in this first pic:

In the early evening, Ryan and his playmate Zoe went trick-or-treating in the building. Ryan was dressed as a Chinese man from olden times. Both of them are at the age where they can imitate everything they're taught to say, so they were able to say "trick-or-treat" at every door, though it sounded more like "twickrtwee."

Children's costumes sure have come a long way. The first costume I remember wearing for Halloween was one of those molded plastic masks with two eyeholes and a thin rubber band to secure it to your head. I was Darth Vader, with a mask and plastic cape. Good times, except for that lady who was giving out lone pennies. Even at the tender age of three or four, or however old I was, I discerned that little pleasure was to be had from a single penny, either directly or in barter.