Karen and I tried Skype

Karen and I tried Skype last night, both of us on Mac OS X, and it worked fine after I finally got my iSight to work as a microphone (I think you have to quit iChat AV to resolve an input conflict, though who knows for sure?). The sound quality on Skype is noticeably better than iChat's; perhaps it's the audio compression codec they use.
I've also caught up to the entire season of Lost using BitTorrent. Count me engrossed thus far.
Other things worth watching online: Eminem's video for his anti-Bush song "Mosh." I wonder which will be a greater aid to Kerry's election hopes next Tuesday: the angry rap polemic of Eminem or the the smooth drawl of the real, slimmer Shady himself, Bill Clinton, back on the campaign trail. Maybe the former, since Clinton and The New Yorker, who issued a long endorsement of Kerry in this week's issue, may be preaching to the converted, eloquent as they are. So far, MTV has not said if they'll air Eminem's video.
Finally, finally, MI-5 Vol. 2 will come out on DVD, but not until January 2005. Loved Vol. 1 (the show is called Spooks in the UK), and was never sure why season two wasn't out on DVD yet. Too bad I can't locate season two on BitTorrent anywhere.