Red Sox:Yankees as Kerry:Bush?

Rich Goliath tries to buy victory, but is turned back by slightly less wealthy foe (okay, let's call him David, to extend the metaphor; after all, a David did end up as series MVP) from Massachussetts. Maybe the Red Sox are showing Kerry the way. There's also still a chance that Stephen King is scripting all this using some eerie mentalism as he types the manuscript for Faithful.
I had predicted Houston and Boston to make the World Series, and I stand by that with the pitching matchup tonight. Houston:RedSox as Bush:Kerry is even better a baseball/politics parallel simply because of geography.
Okay, now that they've released Skype for Mac OS X, I'm ready to try it out. So Skype Me! Ah, if only I'd known about this site while I still owned a car. [via TMQ]
Ken alerted me to the latest Bush gaffe. In a speech in Florida, he proudly proclaimed, "After standing on the stage, after the debates, I made it very plain we will not have an all-volunteer army." The crowd went deathly silent, looks of confusion everywhere. A few people shouted to correct him: "You mean we will have an all-volunteer army, right?" Umm, yeah. Freudian slip. I mean no, just a normal slip. Not Freudian.
Meanwhile, Teresa Heinz Kerry was making verbal gaffes of her own. Sometimes I think THK is just crazy. Actually, I think that all of the time.
Violinists: ask your doctor if Inderal is for you. I had no idea classical musicians were pill popping to overcome nerves. I wonder if figure skaters and gymnasts use beta-blockers, too (assuming they're not illegal in those sports).
The New Republic endorses John Kerry. Iran endorses Bush, much to the Bush campaign's dismay.
Man deposits one of those fake checks that arrive in one's junk mail. To his surprise, it cleared. An old story from a couple years back that still amuses, though that guy needs an editor. His constant self-promotion is grating.
Mindball is a game where two layers control a ball via brain waves. Most relaxed player wins. Loads of fun for your next board game night, especially contemplating all the naughtier variations of the game that could be played. It looks pricey, though. 20 000 SEK (~$2,800) for the multiplayer version, and the shipping page features a picture of a semi. [previous 2 stories via Metafilter]