Shake Shack's "Shacktoberfest"

Angela was the first one to tell me about Danny Meyer's newest restaurant, Shake Shack. Meyer is the man behind Union Square Cafe and Gramercy Tavern, respectively ranked as Zagat's Most Popular NYC Restaurant in 2004 and 2005. So when I first visited and saw Shake Shack a few weeks back, I was a bit taken aback.

It was literally a shack, albeit one with modern lines and lettering, situated in Madison Square Park.
As for the food, it wasn't anything fancy. The menu's staples include...

Of course, this is New York, so you can order a glass of wine with your Chicago Style Hot Dog.
The difference between Dick's in Seattle and Shake Shack is one example of the difference between Seattle and New York City. A deluxe burger at Dick's cost $1.80 (I think; it's been a while). A Shack Burger costs $3.95. Both, in their contexts, are considered cheap eats. I was never a huge fan of Dick's burgers but could understand the appeal of one to satisfy a case of late-night munchies. The Shack burger is pricey but really tasty. The secret is the Shack Sauce, a concoction that reminds me of Thousand Island dressing with more zing and spice.
Shake Shack's Chicago Style Hot Dogs are, to this former Chicagoan, quite good. I've already lauded the Shack Burger; I much prefer it to their plain hamburgers and cheeseburgers. The meat is ground daily from sirloin and brisket. I have yet to sample the fries; Dick's had good fries. I also haven't sampled the plain frozen custard, though, so I can't compare it to Ted Drewes in St. Louis (good stuff). I did try one of the concretes (frozen custard blended at high speed with homemade mix-ins) and it lived up to its name. It took me an entire day to finish one cup it was so rich and thick (The Concrete Jungle: hot fudge, bananas, peanut butter, mixed with the frozen custard of your choice).
Yes, I'm a big fan of Shake Shack. It's just a few blocks away from me, and sometimes if I've run a lot during the week I treat myself to one of its temptations. Today I stopped by on my way back from midtown and discovered, much to my pleasure, that they're running "Shacktoberfest," featuring special beers, sausages, and hot dogs. Special sausages
  • Rocky Mountain Wild Elk Sausage stuffed with Jalapeños & Cheddar Cheese
  • Wild Boar Sausage stuffed with Cranberry & Apricot
  • Wild Buffalo Sausage stuffed with Jalapenos & Cheddar Cheese
  • Pheasant Sausage stuffed with Mushroom, Spinach & Parmesan
The special beers:
  • Brooklyn Brewery's Oktoberfest
  • Kostritzer, Schwarzbien
  • Reissdorf, Kölsch
  • Ayinger, Oktober Fest-Märzen
  • Smuttynose, Pumpkin Ale
  • Victory, Festbier
  • Rogue, Dead Guy Ale
Tomorrow, all the special sausages and beers will be available. And three new concretes: Caramel Apple, "Shakes" Pear in the Park, and Pumpkin Pie.
I tried the featured Wild Buffalo Sausage and Reissdorf, Kölsch combo today. On a grey, cool autumn day with a brisk breeze blowing, the meal was so pleasing. Nothing like a light beer buzz mid-day.
Sadly, Shake Shack shacks up for the winter Nov. 1.