GOOGL B(E) 10003

Google SMS. Keen.
B to the E power?! B(E)? I can just see shouting this over heavy techno music to a bartender at a club.
"Can I have a B(E)?"
"What kind of beer?"
"NO, A B(E)!"
Firefox extensions for
They don't have GMail Drive shell extension for Mac users, but I've been using my GMail account like that all along. I don't really receive any e-mail at my gmail account. I just forward files and messages there for storage and easy search/retrieval later.
Kerry is trailing again in the Electoral Vote Predictor, 264 to 270. These debates do seem to matter, though it's just a guess on my part. Bush started out like a shrill screamer again, but he hung in and landed several effective blows in debate #2.
I AM LEARN is a weblog written by a Perl script.
Carl Lewis vs. William Shatner in the celebrity-turned-musician category. Advantage Captain Kirk. Seriously, he has Ben Folds in his corner as guest producer, he did a cover of Pulp's "Common People", so he has taste, and guest appearances include Aimee Mann, Joe Jackson, and Henry Rollins.
Mark Cuban passes on "the handjobber."
Humorous exchanges between pilots and air traffic control towers.
Tricks of the Trade continues on in weblog format.
The saying "You want to have your cake and eat it too" makes no sense. If it's my cake, why can't I eat it? It makes more sense as "You can't eat your cake and have it too."
While I was in France and the UK this summer, I saw the new Smart Car Roadster and Roadster-Coupe. They looked smart. Now the Smart Car is coming to the U.S., with an American-friendly SUV among the optional models. Chouette!
The next Pixar short is Boundin'.
Okay, this is fairly stale, but it's still the best suggestion I've seen yet about how to cure the ills of USA Basketball.