Review: The Machinist

Finally, The Machinist comes to theaters. Jason and I saw this at Sundance this January, and I thought it would gain distribution sooner. Paramount Classics is putting it out Oct. 22.
Christian Bale lost 60 pounds to play this role, and his physical transformation is nearly as painful for the audience to witness as it must have been for him to pull off. Bale plays Trevor Reznik, a man who hasn't slept for a year. He is plagued by nightmares; are they real or hallucinations brought on by his own paranoia? He works in a factory with a distinctively apocalyptic feel, and someone is leaving cryptic post-its on his refrigerator.
It's a psychological suspense thriller, and director Brad Anderson and his crew create a foreboding atmostphere, filled with a lush darkness and eerie fluorescent lighting. It's also a mystery, and I enjoyed trying to unravel the clues, though living in someone's nightmare for that period of time left me ready for a round of beers with friends at the local pub.